Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy New Year!

I am alive! I am alive!
So, where and what has happened?
January 19, 2010.
Here we are. We made it.
Steamed puddings. Elderflower cocktails. Cider martinis. Vanilla infused coffee drinks.
Roasted meats. Brussel sprouts every which way. Curries. Breads. Pizzas.
Champagne cocktails. Caviar. Wild mushroom puff pastries. Pate'. Toasted cumin chocolate, peanut butter cups. Caraway seed rolls. Mulled wine. Frittatas. Just to name a few.


Heatherhtl said...

Welcome Back Babe!

guitman423 said...

Welcome back! Camera shmamera...no more excuses!

paycheck said...

yay! pretty pics. great to see more posts in tha 2010.