Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogging With A Purpose

I am very grateful to Laura from for awarding me with the Blogging With A Purpose Award. I discovered Laura's blog and check back often to see what beautiful recipes and subjects she shares with all of us. Also, from what I understand, Laura offers cooking classes at her home in France. These classes not only sound like a lot of fun, but very informative and exciting.
So, now I would like to pass this honor on to the following people whose blogs I find interesting and believe are Blogging With A Purpose:

1. Blog of Will, I found this blog from the UK by chance. It is about Will who shares beautiful photos and stories of his life, music, and family.

2.(No longer exists...) A food blog I happened upon one day by a young lady in Texas, and now return to often for her tasty recipes of mostly Indian cuisine, which I love.

3. A food and life blog from the UK that focuses on vegetarian recipes and great photos of the happenings in her life.

4. A food and life blog by Zarah Maria in Denmark. She just seems very sweet and candid, and has great photos.

5. A food blog from parents of a little girl that discuss recipes and restaurants here in Cleveland, Ohio too.

Award-winners, here's what you should do:
1. nominate 5 blogs which haven't had this award before
2. each of the blogs must have a purpose
3.the nominated blogs must make a link back to this page
4. the logo from the award must be put on their blog and it must link back to this blog!

Thanks and enjoy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

First Sign of Spring Cocktails

The weather is just starting to break after a long and chilly winter. Nothing says warm weather like a fruity and refreshing cocktail. So, here we have the afternoon libation;

Guava Citrus Sensations:

3 1/2 oz. Boru Vodka
1 oz. Guava juice
1 oz. Limeade or fresh Lime juice
Juice of a Navel Orange wedge
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into martini glass.
Top with Cava (Spanish Sparkling Wine)
Garnish with Navel Orange wedge.
(Glass shown is 7 oz.)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ancho Chile Corn Muffins

So, I don't think I have made corn bread before...So my first attempt I decided to throw some things together and see what happened. A little of this, a little of that...Ancho chiles, milk, onions, corn, corn meal, flour, sugar, egg, salt, the usual I suppose.
I must say, pretty damn good. Could be a bit moister for my taste, but the first one? Pretty damn good.